A Long Winter’s Nap…

March 2, 2011 at 11:59 pm 1 comment

My seed starting setup ensures that I have green things growing indoors when its still cold and wintery outside.

In winter in the Northern Hemisphere, Earth circles closest to the sun in its elliptical orbit. It’s a sort of paradox that while our planet is close to the sun (relatively speaking) in a physical sense the Northern Hemisphere is at its darkest and coldest. Although the planet is close the Northern Hemisphere is not–it’s tipped away from the sun on Earth’s tilted axis. The sun stays lower in the sky, keeping our days short and chilly and our nights frigid.

But one day you notice that the sun looks a little closer and feels a little warmer. Instead of  letting the world grow dark before dinner time, the sun is staying up later. Although it’s still cold, occasionally a southerly wind will stir up and tease us with a day in the 40s or even the 50s. It is early March, and March is all about promise.

As I begin this blog, I find myself looking forward to the promise of spring in the same way a child looks forward to a birthday or Christmas. I’ve planted my seeds indoors, just to have green things growing on lighted shelves in my office, where I spend most of my days. Coleus, culinary herbs, impatiens and even hosta share the shelves, all of them sprouting (and some of them growing vigorously) under the bright fluorescent lights.

March tells me that soon spring will be here. Soon I’ll see crocus and helleborus begin to bloom, followed by daffodils and tulips. And I’ll go outside, smell the damp earthy perfume in the air, and begin another year in the garden.


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Build an Indoor Seed Starting Setup

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  • 1. Peter Kelley  |  June 26, 2013 at 5:16 pm

    Hosta in Star Trek … there are a number of them if you put your mind to it! The first that come to mind are: Captain Kirk, Enterprise, Odo, Dax, Spock’s Ear,

    IF you stretch it a little there is First Mate, and First Strike, Five O’clock Shadow (episode reference), Memories (Movie reference), I think they make passing reference to Hallie’s Comet, Half and Half (episode reference; sadly there is no Minute [musical form]); Blizzard (episode and Movie reference)

    I ma suspecting t there are others, but not thinking for them right now. I would have SWORN there was a Scotty, and a Beam Me Up Hostas bue can not tined them in the Hosta Libarary.

    ST. Saul, MN USA


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